Steering Committee - Terms of Reference

28 October 2015, bullet point 1 revised 14 November 2017


  • to pursue cooperation and confidence building among the three parties;
  • - IEC Membership to include - Chairs and Executive Secretaries of all Conformity Assessment Systems and 3 IEC Conformity Assessment Board (CAB) delegates;
    - IAF Membership to include IAF Chair, IAF Vice Chair, IAF Secretary, and IAF Representatives (up to 4) representing Accreditation Body Members, Conformity Assessment Body Association Members, and Industry and User Association Members;
    - ILAC Membership to include Chair, Vice Chair, Relevant ILAC Committee Chair(s); and Secretariat Representative.
  • to seek common grounds on issues of mutual interest
  • to identity the need for and establish and maintain task forces to deal with specific issues;
  • to approve changes to the terms of reference of the task forces;
  • to monitor and review the work of the Steering Committee and the agreed task force work;
  • to provide assistance to the task forces when required;
  • to make decisions on formal acceptance of task force deliverables.



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